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Malaysian famous actress, Ida Nerina take her stand on saying that she is not a pornographic actress that sells her dignity in a sex video clip.

“I am a horror and comedy film actress, not a pornographic actress. I deny any relationship with the sex video that is circulated in the internet”

“I was defamed and tortured by it. That video does not have anything to do with me. I am a wife, mother and a daughter. I would not do something like that,” said Ida Nerina during the premiere of her latest film entitled Anak.

The best actress of Malaysian Film Festival 1997 said that when asked about she is having a sex scandal video that is circulating on the internet.

Ida Nerina admits that there is some people out there that is trying to take advantage of that matter.

“I don’t understand why people wanted to use my name for that purposes. This is the biggest challenge I have so far during my 15 years in the industry,” told Ida Nerina, the wife of music engineer, Sha’arin Mohamed Razali.

Ida Nerina, 44, was said to be together with the pornographic video of her with Fauzi Nawawi that is over the internet since last month.

Ida Nerina said that she is planning to do something about that matter. “It has relation with my dignity. What I am very disheartened was there is some web sites that is taunting her to make a police report.”

“I am discussing with my lawyer whether I should make a police report or not,” said Ida Nerina that was able to saw the video clip herself last two week.

When asked about her wearing a bikini, Ida Nerina admits that that pictures are hers. The picture was taken overseas.

She is not ashamed of herself with the pictures because she said that the pictures are private and people stole it from her and published it on the internet.